Regula Schrenk
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Regula Schrenk
Veterinary Surgeon with Swiss Federal Diploma, SVS
Veterinary Chiropractic with Diploma IVCA and IAVC

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of functional and painful malfunction of the locomotion apparatus.

You have a horse, a dog, a sheep, a cat or another
four-legged friend?


It is my pleasure to have you discover the benefits of the animal chiropractic and my performances in the following pages.


Have your companions enjoy a targeted and efficient treatment!


The chiropractic treatment is essentially manual and intervenes in all misalignment, restriction or dysfunction of an articulation (in chiropractic called: subluxation): arthrosis, discopathie, back pain, stiffness, loss of performance, and also as prevention before all endurance events: jumping, racing, agility, etc. In certain cases it allows to avoid a chirurgical intervention and reduce the dose of medicine. It can be applied at all ages. The rectification of a subluxation is made through a rapid, very precise and specific thrust, soft and painless, with the means of the hand or fingers.